Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Ferrari Challenge Visits Montreal

Recently, the Ferrari Challenge was held at Montreal’s Villeneuve Circuit. It was Ferrari’s fourth race in the North American Challenge. As usual, the day started out rainy and then became party cloudy as the day progressed. The wet track resulted in a more demanding style of driving. The slick pavement made it more difficult for the tires to grip and could result in going off the track for a less-seasoned driver. Fortunately, all the drivers composed their skills for the rain.
Of the Coppa Shell drivers, the victory went to #100 Henrik Hedman (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) who led from the start all the way to the finish line. #32 Ugo Colombo (The Collection) managed to arrive second and grabbed his first podium of the year while #13 Marc Muzzo (Ferrari of Ontario) was able to keep behind the valiant undertaking attempts by #42 Kirk Brown (Ferrari of Long Island) and #28 Jon Becker (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) and finished third.
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